Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Edge of the Woods Post on Defining George Heriot's Natives

Michael Galban has an interesting post on his blog Edge of the Woods on the artwork of George Heriot. 

Native American Adoption Scene from Father Joseph Lafitau

The George Heriot watercolor using the figures from the Father Joseph Lafitau work.

A figure dancing in the "Dance on the Reception of Strangers" 1804-05 painting.

North American Indian Man - Unknown Artist

The same figure in Heriot's "War Dance" from 1804-1805. 

the original

Michael has more examples of borrowed artwork and recycling images among painting in his article.

Images from Michael Galban's blog Edge of the Woods

(The photographer Edward Curtis was know to travel with trunks of clothing which he used to outfit the natives he photographed. So research your sources.)

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