Monday, September 13, 2021

The River Hunter's Clutch

Today I'm fortunate to live on a beautiful tributary of the Wild Scenic Ausable River located in Michigan's northern forest. Native people and early settlers often hunted deer at night, by lantern light, floating down river in canoes. Today slender "Ausable Fishing Boats" still carry people down river.

With the help of two of my friends, Rick Lorenzen and Ben Hoffman, I have put together a collection of period items, "The River Hunter's Clutch". I imagine it would suit a hunter of the day.

I started with my 9x12 inch cowhide bag. It has a tooled pinwheel on the flap, game straps and two wet formed shot bags. One with a thigh rolled neck cord and the other to be carried inside the bag.

Rick provided a 12 inch cream and black scrimshawed powderhorn featuring star shaped sunflowers. Within the stem he features the gospel passage John 15:5. Ben forged the black iron strap buckle and rings on the small game straps.

A measure made of river cane, a vent pick, an aged trade knife and an H&B trade axe with leather shoulder sheath complete this collection.

The Ausable has long been a source of fur, food and fun. I partake of all, except hunting deer by lantern light. 

Jack Weeks

Two Ravens Leather Work

Rick Lorensen

Rick Lorenzen Powder Horns

Ben Hoffman

Hoffman Reproductions

Copy and photo supplied by Jack Weeks.

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