Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Rifle by Ed Thomas


Photographed by Jan Riser in 2015.

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  1. Ed Thomas was a top Gunmaker,, he worked at Colonial Williamsburg starting in 1966 apprenticing under Master Gunsmith Wallace B. Gusler. Wallace told me that Ed got real good quickly. That at first like everyone else he had a lot to learn,, and soaked up Carving and Engraving,, the Rifle published here verifies his talent. The rifle looks just like any rifle that Wallace made during that time period. The Curly Maple was cut by Wallace in Fort Lewis VA. It was Milled by Lester Gusler at his Saw Mill. During this time period Wallace was Filming ,, the Iconic Movie “ Gunsmith of Williamsburg” it set the Standard of how build a Longrifle,, Wallace is currently Filming a new Video with Jim Wright in Williamsburg.