Friday, April 16, 2021

Rock Island Auction Company: Alexander Hamilton’s Rev. War Pistols


NSN, 58 cal., 9 inch round bbl., blue/bright finish, walnut stock. These pistols are universally recognized as being among the most historically significant weapons known to exist. Few firearms owned and used by founding fathers during the American Revolutionary War survive, and none that we know of (other than this pair) remain in private hands. Only two founders, Washington and Hamilton served in the Continental Army with distinction.

These and other artifacts were maintained by the Hamilton family for nearly one hundred and fifty years until the 1940s when they were sold by his great-great-grandson Schuyler Hamilton III. Although historians, collectors and owners of various historical arms may attempt to compare these weapons to others, the Founding Father War Pistols presented in this lot are the only pistols known with family documentation in the form of notarized affidavits. They have a documented, unbroken chain of ownership from the time of their original sale out of the Hamilton Grange mansion (now a US National Park): Alexander Hamilton National Memorial, to present.

More information and photographs can be found here.
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