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According to his blog, "Judson J. Brennan was born in Lansing Michigan where he developed an interest in early American longrifles, especially the beautiful and artistic flintlock rifles that were hand made by artisans during the Golden Age of American frontier craftsmanship. Thanks to the friendship and encouragement of mentors like Roy Keeler, as a young man Jud was able to actually handle and inspect the construction, and the proportion and balance of original Pennsylvania Kentucky rifles. He then set out to teach himself the techniques required to build, carve and engrave contemporary examples of these rifles. His work has been featured in many books and articles on the craft and artistry of these tools of the American pioneers. In 1985 Judson fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to Alaska where he settled with his family on Tenderfoot hill, 29 miles North of Delta Junction Alaska. It is here that he built his house, his workshop, and his forge and it is here that he and his sons Jesse, David and Seth produce handmade historical arms and accouterments in the traditional manner." This example features a well-aged swamped octagonal barrel with deep seven-groove rifling. Top flat inscribed "I*BRENNAN #87" in block letters on the top flat. Rifle features double set triggers and a handmade Germanic lock with flat faces and beveled edges. Plain brass furniture and a sliding wooden patchbox. Partially figured aged maple stock of early form with a shaped pewter nosecap. There are shaped relief designs on both sides of the forend, behind ramrod entry ferrule, a relief fan design around the barrel tang, and relief panels around the lock and sideplate. The rifle also has a portion of the ramrod exposed due to faux saddle wear on the underside of the forend. There is a high relief c-scroll design behind the cheekpiece and the wrist is sleeved with relief scalloping. CONDITION: Well aged and patinated, showing some imperfections from use or by design. Action is strong and functions well, bore shows deep rifling. A beautiful contemporary rifle. DMG

Estimate: $2,000-$4,000

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