Monday, August 3, 2020


Forty-two years ago, I was introduced to a rifle that has fascinated me through all the years – one attributed to being built by Virginia maker, Phillip Sheetz.  A plain gun, iron mounted – no frills, no carving but a beautiful gun indeed.  The stock profile and iron work intrigued and drew me to the gun. 
Through the years, every time I came in contact with the rifle, I photographed it and measured it with the intention of building a copy for myself.   Well, that never happened but what’s better, is that I talked Ian Pratt into building a close copy of the rifle, which he did and I took delivery of it a short while ago.  As with all Ian’s creative work, he knocked it out of the park and delivered just what I wanted.  Here it is. Thanks Ian.

Copy and photographs supplied by David Wright.

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