Friday, August 14, 2020

2020 CLA Live Auction: WOODBURY SCHOOL BELT KNIFE & SHEATH by Verlin Cossel

Length: 10 ½”

 Verlin Cossel forged this dandy belt knife in the Woodbury tradition. It feature a 6 2/8 inch blade carefully forged out of 1095 carbon steel. The blade has dual touch marks and a nice aged finish. A poured pewter bolster and a coin silver butt cap secure the antler handle to the knife. To finish out its Woodbury pedigree the bolster and butt cap are engraved by Hershel House himself.

           This is a finely balanced, nice handling knife. To make it safe to carry Verlin has hand sewn a deerskin sheath with a deer rawhide liner. The sheath is nicely colored with walnut hull dye.
Both the grip and the sheath on this knife have nice color. Combining that with Hershel’s engraving you are going to want to show this knife off in addition to using it. Verlin has accommodated that want with a really excellent display stand. Combining American Chestnut, elk antler, and rusty fence wire, this stand really shows the knife and sheath well. The downside is it does increase the chance your spouse will end up claiming it.

Verlin can be contacted by phone at  270 393-8534 and by email at

Photography by H. David Wright

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