Monday, August 17, 2020

New Work by David Crisalli

Several months ago I purchased one of Jim Kibler's excellent Colonial Rifle kits.  I wanted to use it as a "canvas" and add some carving and engraving.  The carving I decided to emulate and modify was from one of the beautiful rifles Jim had made a while back.  I then added some engraving I thought appropriate.  The rifle is .50 caliber.  The wood is finished with gum turpentine thinned Southerland & Wells Polymerized Tung oil and the barrel is finished by partially browning and then scrubbing with a brass darkening solution.



Copy and photography supplied by David Crisalli.


  1. That is beautiful. Excellent job! I'm trying my hand at learning engraving

  2. Nonchalantly, "then added some engraving i thought appropriate." As exceptional as this rifle is, the engraving borders on that of the talent of a pro silversmith or such. Absolutely gorgeous.


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