Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday, Hershel!

Hershel House is an incredible individual. Over the years he has been a driving force in the revival of the lost arts of old time gun making, blacksmithing and corn meal production. He work is known world wide. The pieces he produces look as though they originated in another time. Shooters all swear by the accuracy of a Hershel gun. Collectors eagerly seek out any available piece. His knives are seen everywhere. When Hershel arrives at a show he is immediately surrounded by a crowd. Everyone wants to speak with him. Visits to his home are like a trip back in time. His encouragement and sharing with other builders is legendary. I have taken great pleasure in collecting and shooting some wonderful pieces from his shop. Over the years Jan and I have enjoyed all our visits with Hershel and his daughter Jana Lee. Hershel is truly a treasure. Art Riser Contemporary Makers

Quote by Art Riser for the article in Muzzleloader on Hershel that was not used.
Photographs at Hershel's in October 2002 by Jan Riser.

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