Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 CLA Live Auction: HUNTING POUCH SET By Calvin Tanner, Ron Hess and Louise Hess

Pouch: 7” X 8 1/2”     Powder horn: Length 12“  Butt dia. 2 ½“

The design of the pouch was inspired by an existing 18th century pouch. Calvin feels the set is one that represents a common pouch of that era. One that would have been carried by a long hunter or settler coming into the western area of Virginia, the Carolinas, or the Ohio Valley.
The pouch is a convenient size - 7” wide by 8 1\2” deep and has an internal pocket.   

Like the original the pouch, this one is made from bark tanned deer, dyed a deep rich brown.  It is lined with walnut dyed linen cloth and hand sewn with linen thread, approx. 7-9 stitches per inch.  All edges are finished. A nice touch is the scalloped design on the front flap, embellished with an edging of red wool. Inside, Calvin has added a leather reinforcing strip at the top which helps the pouch retain its shape and gives it body. The adjustable strap is edged with incised lines and has a hand forged iron buckle

The chain, vent pick and brush are all hand made. The brush is turned from ebony wood with horse hair bristles.  The pick is cold forged from copper wire.  The chain is based on one excavated from a British fort site. 

The powder horn by Ron Hess is a good representation of one carried by a common man of the 18th century.  It has a good twist that allows it to ride very well against the body. Ron colored the horn to a nice warm coffee color.  It has a sufficient area for future engraving.   
The 1” wide powder horn strap was woven from linen by Louise Hess and dyed with walnut stain giving it a natural look.  It also has a buckle adjustment (hand forged), very typical of 18th century work.

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