Thursday, January 9, 2020

Work by Peter Bailey

After a long time off due to circumstances I've started back into North West style carving, mostly Haida and Tlingit influence.
I started this by copying photos of museum pieces using offcuts and scraps from a boatbuilding school where I taught at the time.
Here's my latest job, a 'transformation' bowl as the type is called, showing a man transforming into an owl. It's curly maple, and a hard well seasoned chunk that was a real challenge to carve.
My pieces reflect traditional things that would have been household items at the time of white contact, circa 1770s. Later art of the area changed quite a bit and flourished on the making of tourist items like miniature totem poles and such but I like the early functional objects.
Second pic is some of my earlier efforts, most of which were lost in a shipwreck. Items on right are fish clubs.
Third is working from an illustration to duplicate a very old bowl, now lost.

Very close museum reproduction of a 'salmon boy' fish trap stake intended to show the salmon respect and come into the trap....

Shallow bowl and pipe. Ironwood, Sapele and Maple. 

Copy and photos supplied by Peter Bailey.

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