Monday, January 27, 2020

Late 18th Century Style Knife and Flintlock Pistol Combination

Recently finished by Bill Porterfield from York county is a late 18th century style knife and flintlock pistol combo. 

I forged the blade from 5160 steel with a through tang. It has a 11" blade and the knife is 17 1/2 " overall. I made all the parts including the lock, cock, frizzen, springs, screws,  barrel  etc.  Barrel with pan attached was made from a piece of 4140 steel and it is bored to .32 cal. The cock is mild 1018 steel as are the screws but all the other parts such as the tumbler, sear, frizzen are 1095 steel and hardened. The handle is wild cherry. The sheath is carved from basswood and covered with buckskin and brass mounted with a belt hook.   Brass was used for the ferule, guard, pommel and tang nut. I also used a piece of .090 brass backed with 16ga. steel for the lock plate.   As I was making this knife, I pictured Capt. Edward Teach (Blackbeard) and other pirates carrying this aboard ship back in the late 1700's as they sailed the high seas looking for other ships to attack.

Copy and photos supplied by Bill Porter.

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