Monday, May 1, 2017

Kentucky Rifle by H.L. Dangler at Cowen's Auction

.50 caliber, 42.5" pinned octagonal barrel. Browned finish, brass furniture, German silver inlays, relief carved striped maple stock wide, 1.8" butt and with raised cheek rest. Flint lock signed "H L;" barrel signed in script H L Dangler. Four-piece brass patch box, decorative brass toe plate, as well as side plate and trigger guard, all of which are simply engraved. Engraved German silver bird inlay on cheek rest and checkered oval wrist escutcheon. Full stock with incised line carving along fore-end and raised carvings on reverse. A simple and elegant long rifle the is truly attractive and would no doubt be a wonderful shooter as well.

Fine, retaining most of the brown finish on the barrel. Brass with a nice mustard patina. Mechanically functional, good bore. Crisp stock with minor handling marks.

Starting Price: $500
Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

Copy and photos from Cowen's Auction. More information here.

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