Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Southeastern-Style Bag by David Ansonia

This bag is by David Ansonia, a British/Swiss national who does good southeastern work.  David's other major interest is tipi camping.    
This is a southeastern-style bag of the 1820s-1830s period.  The strap design is from a bag that was in an advertisement in AMERICAN INDIAN ART magazine many years ago.  The main design on the flap is David's own, and the heart-shaped designs were inspired by a bag that used to be in the Rowan County Museum in Salisbury, NC, but sold at auction a few years ago.  This type of bag is made by sewing down a narrow braid using a running stitch right down the center of the strip to form the design.  Then the maker outlines the design using 8/0 white beads. 

Copy and photos supplied by Doug Rogers.

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