Friday, March 3, 2017

Moundville: Part III

The World Outside Moundville

Distant locations and distant peoples were associated with other spiritual reals by the ancient Mississippian people.  Ritual objects were often either imported or made from materials from far away.  In addition, the craftsmen and artist of Moundville often created ceramic vessels using styles and symbols from other areas.  Examining objects from other sites that flourished at the same time as Moundville helps explain how the Moundville people viewed the outside world.  Imported materials further support evidence for Moundville’s interaction with the peoples of both central Tennessee and Mississippi river valleys.

4. Shell gorget carved in the form of a mask, Nodena site, northeastern Arkansas, circa AD 1250-1450.

5. Marine Shell, containing the mineral red ocher, Moundville, circa AD 1150-1450.  Red ocher was and still is used as body and face paint in ritual activities.

Copy from museum display with photos by Jan Riser.

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