Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fort Ligonier Horn by Kevin Hart

Horn Title:      Fort Ligonier Horn
Inscriptions:   “Be these they arts to bid contention cease/
                        Chain up starne war and give the nations peace/
                        O’er subject lands extend they gentle sway/
                        And teach with iron rod the French dogs to obey”/
                        Fort Ligonier 1758
Length:           13 ½ inches along outside edge
Butt/Plug:       3 inch turned curly Maple with turned and aged copper finial
Horn Throat:  Carved engrailing followed by 4 ½ inch round to barrel rifling twist throat with wedding bands in the middle and tip
Plug:               1 ½ inch carved eagle on deer antler
Worn:              Right side
Carvings:       British Royal Seal with Lion and Unicorn, depiction of Fort Ligonier, marching militia, Indians shooting arrows, Winged Lioness, Butterflies, Dragonfly, Native American woodland Indian profiles around top of horn body, Fort Ligonier banner, Indian smoking pipe cartouche with Maker’s Mark

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.