Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Extreme Rifle Make Over" for Doug Swartz by Mike Brooks

I would like to show case Mike Brook's work. I purchased a rifle from the old Naragansett Arms company several years ago. I like the way the rifle shot and handled, but wanted a more period correct appearance for a 1760's long rifle.

I contacted Mike and after explaining what I was looking for as well as what I had to work with in my budget, here is what Mike came up with.

Mike re-did the barrel finish. The old finish was very rough almost abrasive. Mike also engraved a design in the barrel at the breech end. Mike removed quite a bit of wood from the stock, making it much more light weight and balanced. Mike did some relief carving at the breech, where wood was taken out. Mike then removed a silver cheek piece vent pick hanger, and silver toe plate, pinning in a new piece of wood, where the toe plate had been. Mike removed a silver wrist plate and replaced it with a brass one and engraved my initials in it. Mike left a silver cross in the stock as I wanted to leave it there, as it reminds me of my salvation in Christ. Mike carved my name into the stock and aged the entire stock to match the barrel, entirely re-doing the color phase of the stock, which now has a very pleasing reddish warm color. Mike also removed excess wood from the wooden patch box.    

Copy and photos supplied by Doug Swartz.

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