Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What's In Your Bag, Phil Beers?

This is my favorite rifle pouch kit.  The bag is by Jack Hubbard with rifle tools by Mike Mills.

The small repair horn is by Harris Maupin. A short stater.

Next is the rifle maintenance kit with a bottle of cleaning solvent, cleaning patches, ball puller, jag, ball patches, with toothpicks to plug the touch hole and a spare horn stopper.  All these items fit in a goat pouch by Curt Lyles.

The ball pouches are for 40 and 45 caliber balls, made of thumbs of worn out work glove set, with battery stall.

And lastly, a patch knife by Hershel House, and rifle tools by Brad Emig.  With a driver and rammer extender.  That all fits into this little slip, made of  a scrap of bark-tan deer hide.

Copy and photos supplied by Phil Beers.

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