Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tomahawks by Wallace Gusler

These are tomahawks by Wallace Gusler which were made in 2015. Wallace is from Williamsburg, Virginia and was featured in The Gunsmith of Williamsburg in 1968. He is still very active in Long rifle making and research. In 2015 Wallace made 12 hand forged tomahawks for customers. Jim Wright videoed the process. The Video will be released for contemporary makers who are interested in forging one. These 2 here have flawless forging and filing. The engraving is as good as one can do in the 18th century Rococo style. The silver inlayed tomahawk is stocked in curly maple. The other is in curly ash. Both are fire blued and the sterling silver inlays in the heads turns gold with heat. The antler tips are from a white tail deer that is 80 years old. The clean out screw is hand tapered and filed.  Wallace said these are a tough job. The signature is on the top and was made for a man we all depend on barrel maker Ed Rayl. 

Wallace Gusler will be at the Lake Cumberland Show in February.

Copy and photos supplied by Steve Boyleston.


  1. Excellent work Wallace. I have been amazed at your work for a long time. Absolutely fantastic.

  2. The bottom tomahawk wasn't made for Ed... but I do know who it was made for. It is such a beautiful piece and I am honored to own such a beautiful piece by a true master. Also, the bottom one has the curly maple stock.