Thursday, October 29, 2015

“Liberty’s Hammer” by Ron Paul

The lock is a round face Chambers lock. The barrel, is a 38 inch 50 caliber, Lynn Weimer barrel. The ramrod is not original to the gun. It has probably been shot less than 50 times and has taken two deer. It is also possibly the last rifle built by Ron Paul approximately 10 years ago.

Photos supplied by Mark Horvat for Rod Douglas.


  1. Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated =)
    I am alive, well, and while not building guns full time every day, still actively producing several pieces a year. Lately I have been receiving a lot of requests for single shot black powder cartridge guns but my first love is American Fur Trade era and early American Longrifles like the one I built for Jim Sharp in 2005 while still living in Cut Bank Montana. My wife and I now live on Kodiak Island in a remote village and are planning on re-locating to the Soldotna/Kenai area within the year. I hope to continue building guns as time affords opportunity. Not gone yet! =)
    Ron Paull
    my email if anyone would like to contact me is:

  2. Love Rons rifles, having owned a custom left handed 54 cal he built for me back around 2002. If you can find one for sale, buy it, or have him build one if possible, you will not be sorry.


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