Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chardin Bread Knife by Scott Allman

I call this one the Chardin bread knife.....I was researching mid 18th c kitchen and everyday use knives & noticed this one in various painiting resources. Among others this particular one often appears in Jean Baptiste-Simeon Chardin's still life paintings. So I decided to bring it to life beyond the canvas. 

Patina, imperfections and daily use are all created into this one of a kind. Steel is 1095 -hand forged and all made with hand tools by me. (although I would be the first to agree that a higher carbon content steel probably would have not been used on such an every day household knife?.....however it was what I was working with at the time this past summer.) Handle is African blackwood with poured pewter fittings.

For any one interested this can be seen in-person at the Fall Hydref Festival at the Depreciation Lands Museum in Allison Park, Pennsylvania on October 3rd, 2015.

Copy and photos supplied by Scott Allman.

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