Sunday, August 16, 2015

Central Methodist University Museum

All items reside in the Central Methodist University Museum in Fayette, MO.  Fayette, MO of Howard County, better known as the "Mother of all Counties" is also known for the Boonslick region of Daniel Boone and sons as well as and the boyhood homes of Stephen Austin and Kit Carson. Most original pioneer families came from either Tennessee or Kentucky. Glasgow MO lies on the Missouri River and the Lewis and Clark Trail.

A long rifle in poor condition.  The barrel is marked, but the overall architecture does not match the barrel provenance. Furniture is brass. The trigger guard is not original as it is forged iron and is screwed on, the original pin holes exist for an inlet trigger guard.  The barrel originally had keys, then a conversion was pinned and forearm repaired.

A hanger, with a scabbard that is more than likely not original.  Furniture is finely crafted brass.    

A very nice horn.  Scrapping marks are present.  There are at least two letters on the butt plug - but have not been deciphered as yet.    

Native American burial goods from Glasgow, MO.  The Fusil barrel has been cut back to prox. 28”.  Ladle, several carved pipes, a ramrod tube, a knife blade and other items.

Burial goods from a Native American interment.  The human remains were repatriated.  The grave goods were uncovered early in the last century during bridge construction on the Missouri river railroad bridge near Glasgow, MO.

Copy and photos supplied by Perry Goss.

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