Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 CLF Auction Item: Early Longhunter Knife & Sheath by Heinz Ahlers & Joe Seabolt

The 2015 Contemporary Longrifle Foundation Fund Raising Auction will take place on Friday, August 14th at 5:00PM in Lexington, Kentucky at the Annual CLA Meeting and Show. The Grand Ball Room - Lexington Convention Center, 400 West Vine Street, Lexington, Kentucky.

Early Longhunter Knife & Sheath by Heinz Ahlers & Joe Seabolt

The classic knife of the early American frontier, the single edged longhunters knife, was the working tool of the rifleman. Although these knives were often made from imported butcher knives, the longhunter frequently sought out the products of the skilled frontier smith for a knife that was a bit stouter and had a finer steel blade than the cheap butcher knives. The longknife and tomahawk were the everyday working tools of the frontier hunter and doubled as weapons in a close fight. Much was expected of these blades and some additional expense was warranted.  

This knife by Joe Seabolt and Heinz Ahlers is an early style half-tang antler handled knife from with a 9-1/2 inch blade and a 14-1/2 inch overall length. The blade shows the combination of butcher knife and dirk shapes incorporated in the longknife profile with the classic choil ahead of the grip accommodating the wide blade. This blade has been hand forged from 1084 high carbon steel, and hand filed. Carefully edge hardened and edge tempered, the tempering line clearly shows on the blade. The antler handle is attractive and useful. The half tang is the most common configuration for these knives.  

A simple leather sheath with a brain tanned thong for securing it under a belt or sash accompanies the knife.

This is a finely crafted longhunters belt knife, Simple, efficient, well balanced and capable of all the tasks capable of all the tasks of the hunter scout, this is a classic frontier working knife. All Joe Seabolt knives will shave hair before leaving the shop.  

Heinz Ahlers' & Joe Seabolt's contact information is:

Heinz Ahlers

Joe Seabolt

Photos supplied by the CLF with copy by Heinz Ahlers.

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