Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Powder Horn by Kevin Hart

Title: The Nautical Horn
Length: 15 inches
Throat: The throat begins with a carved recessed edge followed by a simple 4 inch round throat
Butt Plug: 3 inch turned oak
Horn Peg: Lathe turned cow horn
Worn: Right Side
Strap Finial: Turned Copper
Inscriptions: “HONI SOIT QUIMAL Y PENSE/ DIEU ET MON DROIT (Shame be to him who thinks evil of it/ God and my Right) “Ship is Moor’d/ Wages Paid/ Welcome Sailor/ To His Maid” 
Carvings: British royal coat of arms and its motto with traditional Lion & Unicorn/ British & French ships in battle/ Mermaid/ a mighty Kraken attacking a ship/Two other sailing vessels, one with a Dolphin enjoying the ships wake/ Nautical Compass/ Back strap Cartouche with vines & ribbons over Maker’s Mark/ two Butterfly/ two humming birds/ three small Caterpillars

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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