Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2nd Annual NMLRA Artisan’s Competition & Exhibition

The 2nd Annual Artisan’s Competition & Exhibition, will be held in the NMLRA’s Education Building, September 12 and 13, 2015, at the Fall National Championship Shoot.

If there is one thing black powder muzzleloaders have it’s “stuff,” lots of “stuff!” And the beauty of it is that so much of this “stuff” is hand crafted. These items are a testimony to the passion, skill, and creativity of the maker. The NMLRA is planning a new opportunity for our membership. Have you ever made a powder horn or flask, a possibles bag, a knife, tomahawk, done quill work, made a bowl from wood or clay, or any one of a number of period items that are part of the black powder and muzzleloading experience? Have you taken one of the many hands-on classes offered during the June or September National Shoots and wished you had an opportunity to display your work? If your answer is “yes” to the above, then this  event is something you should add to your things to do list.
Artisan's Competition & Exhibition Registration
Entry Guidelines: The item to be entered must have been made by the participant. The item to be entered must have been created no more than three years before the entry date. The work must be historically appropriate for the 1750 - 1840 black powder muzzleloading period. Only one item may be entered per category. Consideration will be given on the entry form for “youth” (up to seventeen) and “adult” (seventeen and over).
Categories (one entry per category)*
Edged Weapon/Tool
Powder Horn
Bag and Horn Combo
Riflemans Bag
Horn Item
Handmade Wooden Item
Ceramic/Earthenware Item
Riflemans Bag Tools
Graphic and Fine Arts
Weaving/Fiber and Woven Arts

More information can be found here.

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