Monday, May 11, 2015

Muzzleloader Magazine - May/June 2015

Detail from 
Whisky Whisky - An original oil painting by John Clymer.

• Letters from Our Readers
• Prime Possibles
• Treasures from the Past - James Blake
• Doin' It Yourself - A Simple Leather-bound Journal - T. C. Albert
• Cache of the Hollow Tree - General Nathaneal Greene, The Fighting Quaker: Part II - Tony Hunter
• Shooting the Bull - Showing Your Stripes and Getting Tacky - Mike Nesbitt
• Portals in Time - Seven Days on the Water: Part II - Mark Sage
• Dispatches from New England - Burning A Few Towns, The Final Months of Major John Pitcairn: Part III - Vincent C. Spiotti
• The Gunsmith of Grenville County - Discussing and Attributing an Original Longrifle Patchbox - Peter A. Alexander
• Les Pays Den Haut - The Settlers of Assiniboia - Thomas Swan
• Rockhouses & Rhododendren - Destiny at the Great Meadow - John Curry
• The Master Horn Work of Lee Larkin - John W. Hayes
• On the Game Trail - Hunch Springs - Dave Jones
• Ashley's Hundred, What Did They Look Like? - Donald Wade Davis
• American Bison Makes a Comeback - Dana Benner
• Classified Ads
• Index of Display Advertisers
• For the Bookshelf

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