Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hawken by Louie Parker

I made this rifle as a Christmas gift for my granddaughters husband. It was made using features taken from three or four different Hawken rifles. Both S and J&S. All the silver and toe plate were from an S. Hawken.  Stock pattern, hardware and patch box after J&S. The animal on the patch box lid is from a Steven Odell rifle. The 54 cal. 38 inch barrel by Ed Rayl.  Triggers, breech and internal lock parts are store bought.

 Copy and photos supplied by Louie Parker.


  1. You, Mr. Parker, have a very blessed grandson-in-law. That rifle is an instant family heirloom.....Mick C

  2. Incredible work.

    Scott Sibley

  3. not a hawken fan but if i was going to have one it would look like this !!! great job !!

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