Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Miniature by Gerald Neaves

There was a collections of Gerald's miniatures at the 2014 Tennessee Kentucky Show this past April. Gerald had to make many of the tools that he used to make these rifles. This rifle is was 22 3/4" long. It is 40% scale.

This young man on the left recently purchaed a miniature rifle by Gerald Neaves. Here he is examining a miniature in the white by Gerald. 

Photographed at the 2014 Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show by Jan Riser.


  1. That is absolutely incredible.I bet they cost more than a full size.

  2. I wish we could get some contact information for the creators of all the items on this blog.

  3. Send us an email regarding the maker you are interested in and we will forward to the maker.

    Gerald is no longer actively building.

  4. OK folks not to p**s in the punchbowl but I'll be the one to ask... why? I'm not criticizing what is obviously a masterful bit of work for the craftsmanship, as this fine old guy obviously is immensely talented and his work is beautiful. I'm asking, "why" go through what is probably this much (if not more) work as opposed to building a comparable piece to full scale, a piece that could be used as intended - as a GUN. Again, not trying to criticize but rather trying to understand - and scratching my head - as to the purpose? Is there a hidden world of hunting hobbits lurking about of which I'm not aware? Please take all of this in good humor and good-natured questioning. I would really like to understand the motive here. Regards, mean ol' EK.

  5. Kettlenburg, not to p**s in your punch bowl, why climb Mt Everest, because he's got the b**ls to do it and did it. Not only once but many times over.

    We builders pride ourselves in making accurate copies of the early masters guns. all the while we are using barrels made by others, triggers made by others, butt plates made by others, trigger guards made by others, barrel and ram rod inlet by others.

    I wonder who Mr. Neaves bought all his parts from, surely he did not make all of these components himself. Nobody but a master could do all of this, well guess what, Mr Neaves is a master. Not only did he 196have the talent to make the parts, all of them, but he had the talent to assemble them into a work of art. This something the rest of us struggle to do in full scale with parts we did not make.

    And you have the nerve to ask why? I can't believe you would ask such a foolish question when the answer is so obvious, because he wanted to and had the talent to do so. I pray to God that I obtain half of the talent Mr. Neaves had in my building career.

  6. I guess if you have to ask why,- never mind, there is no point in trying to explain it. Just go on and ask "why do we like or even bother to look at or build muzzleloaders"? Huh?


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