Thursday, September 18, 2014

Very Early Hudson Valley Fowler at James Julia Auction

Cal. 70. 58″ oct to rnd bbl (two stage), with a walnut stock with bold relief-carvings around the bbl tang, lock & side plate, and trigger guard, and an especially bold serpentine forearm molding, forestock molding, with ribbed ramrod pipes, a repousse wrist escutcheon. The walnut stock has a pleasing, mellow surface, and an exceptionally fine brass, vine-scrolled/pierced sideplate. 
PROVENANCE: Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin. 
CONDITION: Very good, excluding the restoration. 9″ of bbl & forestock have been lengthened. Flintlock is orig; however, there is a crude 1/2″ brasstouch-hole “bushing” on the bbl of a later vintage. There is a 4-1/2″ sliver replaced in front of lock. 4-51331 SDH4 (8,000-10,000) – Lot 3323 

Copy and Photos from James Julia.

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