Friday, September 19, 2014

Powder Horn by Art DeCamp

This horn was made as a replica of an original from photos sent by Robert Weil. The original horn has a plank wood butt turned round with a separate wooden button that screws into the butt. The original horn was decorated with gouge, or burn marks spaced all over its body that were then darkened. This type of decorative design suggests the horn may have been carried by a native American.

Once a suitable horn blank was found with the appropriate twist and curve, I was able to begin the project. This replica horn copy was made in a similar manner, using plank cut walnut wood for the butt, which was turned to fit the horn body. Then it was threaded for the button which is turned from cherry wood. I used a red hot piece of metal rod to burn in the decorative gouges on the horn body. The spout end was turned from a separate piece of horn and threaded onto the end of the horn. Once colored and assembled I "aged" the horn to simulate right hand carry, taking care to think of the "logic" of how wear and patination would have built up on a horn that was carried in this manner.

Original Horn

More photos of this horn can be seen here.


  1. Beautiful horn! Love the color and curl.


  2. A great work and it looks like a antique one
    Greetings from Germany


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