Saturday, August 2, 2014

Longrifle by Unknown Maker

Hello, I been doing some wi-fi surfing.  Tuff for this 56 yr. old hill billy.  Came accross you on a google search??  Contemporary Makers?  Trying to find out about this long riffle I have, it's a Kentucky/Pennsylvania style.  Have had it about 20 years.  No makers marks or anything on it...except on top, front & back of rear sight.  The gun was"browned"or"plumbed" wichever, there are 2 names put on with what appears to be blueing or black paint?  Behind the rear sight is B & E LEE, in the block letters, in front of site in cursive is Roger T Williams.  I just assume its the makers? ...Maybe one name done the iron work, the other the wood?  Don't know, just fishing...sure wish guns could talk plainly.  Anyway I'm sending you some pics, they are kinda ok, could be better, kind of a hurry job, wanted to get some info for you asap.  I would very much any idea you or anyone you may know, anything to go on.  It's been a trusted friend of mine, many hunt, some heavenly, some hellish, never let me down.  I shoot a 44 with patch & some times I "Stack".2X's powder & 2 balls, it's a killer.  Would be nice to know where it was born. Thanks: Kenneth J. Randall, Spearfish S.Dak.

P S (as you see I have a patch-box ishue I got to figure out,looks like a pin came unsoldered,glad it happened to come clear apart @ home instead of hunting...)


  1. Numrich Arms Minuteman. A "kit" gun from the 1970s.

  2. And this is not the place for posts such as this. Checkout the traditional muzzleloading forum. That's where your question should go.


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