Sunday, August 3, 2014

Longrifle by Sharek A. Gadd

I am a recent member of the CLA. I was introduced to the association through Bill Burtt, and have had a wonderful time applying my background in art and anthropology to this medium. I've already met some wonderful people at the Lake Cumberland show as well as the Conner Longrifle show. 

I will be bring the rifle pictured above as well as it's associated accoutrements to The CLA show in August. 

The rifle is a 42" .50 caliber and is stocked in maple. The furnishings are brass, copper, silver, and pewter. I fabricated and finished everything minus the Chambers lock, Davis set trigger, GM barrel, and the inherited brass plate and trigger guard. I chose a homespun design based on the archeological lineage of the Shawnee and their origins/associations to the Fort Ancient, Adena/Hopewell, as well as the Great Lakes Copper Culture.

Copy and photos supplied by Sharek A. Gadd.

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