Monday, June 30, 2014

Richard Hicks No. 11

Pennsylvania Longrifle, .44 caliber, 40" barrel. maple, brass, flintlock

This early replica longrifle is signed R. Hicks No. 11 on the breech end of the barrell. Richard Hicks made rifles during the early revival of muzzle loading competition in the 1950's.  As with many early reproductions his rifles were assembled with a mixture of hand made parts, mixed with some antique parts.

Mr. Hicks was known to have made his own barrels.  The 15/16" octagon by 40" long .45 caliber barrel is cut rifled with six lands and groves with a fast twist that makes at least one full tur over the length of the barrel.  The bore appears to be bright, clean, and well maintained.  The bore measures .447" land to land and .462 grove to grove.  The exterior of the barrel has a reddish brown finish with normal wear on the edges of the octagon from handling.

Made before many replica locks were available this flintlock was hand made by R. Hicks and is signed on the lock plate.  The lock has a octagon pan with pan bridle for the frizzen.  The tail of the lock plate is shaped with a pointed tail and raised molding.  The tumbler on this lock has a full cock notch, no half cock notch is present.

The barrell has a direct drilled vent hole.  Set below the lock is a single lever, double set trigger.  Due to the single lever feature of the trigger it can only be fired when set.  The lock can be cocked at any point, but the triggers will only fire the rifle from the set position.

The copy from Track list the caliber as .44 and .45. This gun is no longer posted on the Track site for checking. Copy and photos from Track of the Wolf.

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