Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Woodbury School of Iron Mounted Gun Making Class: Photos

This well attended nine day class on the building of iron mounted longrifles was held at the home of Hershel House in Woodbury Kentucky from June 4th through June 13th. The class was instructed by Hershel and his brothers John and Frank. By the time I had arrived for a visit, the students had already forged their iron mounts and had moved on to fabricating parts and stocking up their rifles.

Tom Lewis rough shaping his stock and showing some of the various parts he had made for his rifle.

Mike Hawkins and his project - a rifle inspired by an original German gun. He had made the rifle to be given to his Father as a Father's Day gift. When I arrived he had just applied the first coat of finish to the stock.  

David Young filing his stock. David was building a rifle based on the distinctive work of 19th century Tennessee gunsmith Elisha Bull.

Bucky Blauch's Woodbury style rifle and the beginnings of a hand made patchbox.  

Father and Son team Tony and Luke Henderson building a nice left handed squirrel rifle.
  Tony's son Luke already has plans for the next project - a .50 caliber rifle that he'll take deer hunting.

Frank House demonstrating some finer points of stock shaping.

Chevron pewter muzzle caps are popular in the class. Here Hershel assists Joe Seabolt with layout for his muzzle cap, and then pours molten pewter for the cap on Steve Minning's rifle.

On the back porch of the cabin, Clay Moreland works on fine tuning a small part and shows his finished rifle.

The House Brothers' class is one of many that are offered at the NMLRA's annual gunsmithing seminars at Western Kentucky University. For more information see the NMLRA's website on Gunsmithing Seminar. All the classes are over for this year.

Copy and photos supplied by Ian Pratt.

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