Friday, June 6, 2014

D Day Anniversary

The Memorial in the US Cemetery. France has permanently given this ground to the US as US territory.

A small section of the graves.

There are 9347 graves in the Normandy Cemetery.  The remains of 60% of the war dead were shipped home.  The battle for Normandy cost over 125,000 American lives; of these over 30,000 died  by the end of June.  The landings at Utah and Omaha accounted for overt 5000 and the fighting through the hedgerows the rest.

Over 35,000 French civilians were killed and 3 times that  number were seriously injured.

Photos by Lois Ahlers and copy by Heinz Ahlers.


  1. Where are the other 40K+ American war dead from Normandy who weren't sent home?

  2. Bless them oh Lord, They have provided me and you the comfortable life we have lived and the freedom we have enjoyed. I was born in 1951 and have lived and enjoyed the best times of American and the men and women of "The Greatest Generation" provided that.

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  4. American heroes from the European Theater are also buried in other cemetaries in France, England Belgium and other countries.



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