Tuesday, January 7, 2014

German Jaeger Rifle made by Haman Onoldsbach

I wish all members of the CLA a Happy New Year

I'd like to share my new German Jaeger Rifle made by Haman Onoldsbach (today Ansbach in Bayern) first name could be Christian Haman or Johann Christan in the book Stöckel are various list. Barrel lenght 29 inch, total lenght 43 inch, cal. 63, buttplate wide is 2 3/8 inch all mountings iron and the lock produce a lot of sparks.

It is a very early rifle around 1710-20 and in a very good condition.

Copy and photos supplied by Contemporary Makers' European Correspondent, Manfred Schmitz.


  1. Excellent photos of a very interesting rifle. Thanks for posting

  2. what a rifle !!!!!!