Wednesday, January 8, 2014


In late December 2013 or early January two important Kentucky rifles were stolen from a residence in Dallas, Texas. One is signed “ J Dickert” curly maple full stock, 4 piece brass “large daisy” patchbox flintlock, incise carved stock with old surfaces. The other is unsigned, a side opening brass patchbox, flintlock, curly maple full stock, long molded cheekpiece with brass star, unusual style, and diminutive size. 

See Aspen Shade LTD for more photos and descriptions of the unsigned rifle. If you have information regarding either of these rifles please contact Tim Hodges

Probably southern and possibly South Carolina this rifle is extremely rare and unusual. Rarer still is its excellent untouched condition and diminutive size.

The patchbox is purely functional with little decoration but sturdy and well made. In my opinion, it is not an after thought or later addition. The design is neither overstated nor understated and is at ease with the rest of the rifle.

A flat butt plate denotes an early rifle as does the wide trigger guard and early style rifling. The lock is of the 1770 to 1790 period and is original to the rifle. The rifle could date to the late Revolutionary War period. There are no wood losses or replacements and all the mounts are original. Curly maple of this quality and consistency is very desirable.

The rifled barrel is only 34 inches long and is the original length. Simple vine and leaf engraving appears on the breech. The entire rifle is only 50 inches long and could have been made for a boy or lady.

Copy and photos supplied by Tim Hodges of  Aspen Shade LTD.

If you have information regarding either of these rifles please contact Tim Hodges

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