Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cowan's Auction Items

Engraved Powder Horn Dated 1786

12" horn, dated 1786 and ID'd to Amon Shaw. Engraved images include a half-man / half-fish (holding a trident) surrounded by other fish, a bird, a stylized sunburst, a horse and a male figure. Bottom of horn encompassed with triangular geometric border. Engrailed edge and spout with two fluted rings. 

Price Realized: $998.75

Hunting Bag, ca 1850-1875

14" x 11" bag with two smaller pouches on the front side. Front side also with string netting complete with tassels. Front flap in lined in animal fur. Reverse side of the bag folds out. Complete with straps that are attached to only one side of the bag.

Price Realized: $223.25

Engraved Powder Horn Dated Jan 1815 and Id'd to Dr. J. Brown

15" horn, dated Jan 1815 and ID'd to Dr. J. Brown horn and further inscribed Lee.Horn engraved with images of two dogs, a monkey with initial M, a leopard with the initial L, a bull with the initial B, a bird with the initial K, a seahorse, a fish, a wolf, a tree and another wild animal. Horn with engrailed edge and spout with two fluted rings.

Price Realized: $1,292.50

Engraved Powder Horn, Leather Hunting Bag

15" horn with initials JCH and lettering J.C. Hackney Warren Sept. XVIIIXXMI andOld Hickry. Engraved Indian profile with the word Peace carved on the side of his face. Another profile of an Indian face smoking a pipe with the word Warimmediately above it. Another additional image of a half-man / half-horse creature. Primitive images of two deer, a horse, an anchor and a dog named Dover.  Plus the words Veto You. Spout with fluted ring. Leather 9" x 9" bag with fringe and complete with carrying strap.

Price Realized: $940.00
Copy and photos from Cowan's Auctions.

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