Sunday, December 8, 2013

18th Century German All-Steel Flintlock Tinder Lighter with Candle Holder

In overall very fine untouched condition. The exposed flintlock mechanism with offset hammer notched at its base to accept the sear/trigger. Exposed frizzen spring, mounted at the front end of the frame; and the frizzen with a faceted back. The opposite side of the frame with a hinged tinderbox with its original latch/knob and compartment-door: also equipped with its original iron candle holder. The underside of the frame with its pair of forked wrought iron legs. Integrally forged steel grip with a bulbous ball-type butt. In overall very fine untouched condition with smooth steel surfaces, a fine untouched gray-brown age patina and some patches of light discoloration. Original components and in mechanically functional order. A very nice example of an 18th century All-Steel Flintlock Tinderlighter, ca. 1750s. For a similar example, please see Neumann & Kravic's: "Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution", pg. 263.Overall length: 8".

Copy and photos from Ambrose Antiques.

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