Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Art DeCamp Rifle with Calvin Tanner Hunting Pouch and Art DeCamp Powder Horn

The rifle is patterned from the work of Jacob Sell with all work by me. It has a 42" long .45 caliber swamped Getz barrel and the rifle measures 57-3/4" long overall. The lock was built by me from a large Siler kit and has several modifications to its appearance. The patchbox was formed from sheet brass with all engraving and carving following ideas from Jacob Sell's work. The powder horn is a Southeast PA screw-tip that I made and the hunting bag is bark tanned pigskin by Cal Tanner. I took this combination for its first ever "walk-in-the-woods" yesterday on a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. It is PA primitive muzzle loading deer season and this set and I had a great time in the woods.

Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.

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