Saturday, October 29, 2011

David McCullough with 18th Century Style Walking Sticks by Steve Boyleston

These Pictures were taken October 4th in Boston at the home of David and Rosalee McCullough. He is a two times Pulitzer Prize Winner, author of many books such as John Adams and 1776. The photo of David writing is a personal letter for me and the typewriter is a 1947 Remmington that he has written everything to date. All of his work was just catalogued by the Library of Congress.  He also did the PBS documentary the Civil War with Ken Burns, and was the voice in the hit Movie "Sea Bisquit". I made him three 18th Century style walking canes, all of curly maple, sterling silver and brass inlays, all carved and engraved with the owners names on them and mine as the maker. One is his personal cane and other two pictured were for presentation pieces for two special people who were invited to his shows in Boston and California, the performances are called "An Evening with David McCullough". He is a real American treasure for sure and I am proud to be a neighbor and family friend. 

Copy and photos by Steve Boyleston.

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