Monday, November 29, 2010

English Flintlock Carriage Pistol by Steve Lodding

This fine double barrel pistol measures just at 15" in overall length. Its 8" fine twist damascus barrels & rib have 24 karat gold bands and maker's mark at the breech and a sterling front sight. The barrels hook into the tang which is fully engraved with scroll and acanthus leaf elements, a sun burst, and 2 symetrically blended wolf heads. The tang screw is also engraved with typical flower motif. The locks are reworked L&R Mantons with gold lined pans. Both locks have the cock screws engraved and the maker's name on the the right lock.The pistol is stocked in fine figured English Walnut, and the grip is chequered except for a plain strip on each side. Both locks are orperated with the one trigger. The right barrel discharges first when both locks are on full cock. The trigger guard, entry pipe, and escutcheon plates are all Sterling and engraved as you will see in the photos. The pistol shoots fine!! A .600" round ball with heavy patch and 40 grns. of FF powder worked just fine in the few shots I took to check the ignition.

Copy and photos supplied by Steve Lodding.

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  1. Awesome artistry Steve Lodding! Would definitely serve oujt a Highwayman good and proper!


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