Sunday, November 28, 2010

Randy Hedden Hunting Pouch and Horn

This hunting pouch and horn were designed and made with the small game hunter hunter in mind. It would work well with any small caliber hunting rifle. It is a small pouch and horn, but is large enough to carry the necessaties for a one to two day hunt for small game.

The pouch is made of veg tanned calf hide and measures 5-1/2" wide by a scant 5-1/2" long. The pouch flap is lined with blue striped mattress ticking. The strap is 1" wide and is adjustable from 44" to 49" by means of a vintage brass English harness buckle. The horn measures 9" long on the outside curve and 2-1/8" wide at the red painted cherry buttplug. Extras on the pouch include a pair of torpedo type game hangers, a 30 grain powder measure made from horn and a handmade brass wire vent pick. The brass wire vent pick is sturdy enough for continued use yet small enough to clean out a 1/16" vent hole without any wear or damage to the vent hole. The powder measure and vent pick are attached in a manner so that they can be up and out of the way at most times, but can be quickly accessed when needed.

Both the pouch and horn have been lightly aged.

Copy and photos supplied by Randy Hedden.

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