Thursday, March 4, 2010

South Carolina "Battleground of Freedom" by John and Virginia Kemp

No. 4 - Rum Keg found in North Carolina (left)  No. 8 - Exploded breech of a three inch cannon dug in the town of Edgefield, South Carolina. (behind guns)  No. 13 - Rev. War canteen found in Edgefield County, South Carolina. Initials “F.N.” for Franklin Newell of Connecticut (right)

No. 1 and 2 - Two sabers from a Lowcountry South Carolina Estate

No. 3 - Sword found about 25 miles from Edgefield, South Carolina

No. 5 - Irish Second Model Brown Bess found in Old Edgefield District, South Carolina

No. 6 - Presentation 1803 Harper’s Ferry Rifle found in Old Edgefield District, South Carolina. The presenter, “Capt. Ramsey” was one Captain Richard Ramsey, a Knox county Native, who was a principal courier and scout for General James Longstreet, an Edgefield county native.

No. 7 - Small version of New land pattern Brown Bess Musket, just plain “cute”. 

No. 9 - Dirk found in Charleston, South Carolina

No. 10 - Dagger found in Charleston, South Carolina

No. 11 - Sword dug at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

No.12 - “SO. CAROLINA” stamped 1812 Era sword found in Edgefield, South Carolina

No. 14 - Clockwise: Reproduction of Observe and Reverse of the 1776 Great Seal of South Carolina, 71st Highlanders Button dug in Charleston, large button dug in Edgefield, Cowpens Medal, Covenant Chain Gorget by David Hughes.

Copy by John and Virginia Kemp and photographed at the 2010 Lake Cumberland Mini Show by Jan Riser.

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