Sunday, May 4, 2008

Steven Lalioff Pipe

My heartache. I spent a least 100 hours carving this maple burl pipe, a copy of an original Great lakes piece...only to accidentally destroy it in the aging process...(I was smoking the wood to give it more color in the fireplace and I got distracted...when I looked up it was engulfed in flames...I felt really stupid that day. S.L.

Photo by Karen Abercrombie

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  1. These are some really nice Photos along with the workmanship. I'm a fan of wood carving and chainsaw art along with searching out the woods behind my trailer to find that one piece of wood to turn into a work of art. If Karen Abercrombie Lalioff sees this comment, she'll remember me from Florissant, Missouri. I found the lost business card: ' Oxenflax Folk Art ' that led me here.