Wednesday, November 1, 2023


KENTUCKY LONG RIFLE BY WAYNE WATSON IN THE STYLE OF JACOB KUNTZ OF PHILEDELPHIA. Cal. 50. S# NSN (made in 2010). The 44" octagon to round barrel transitions through sixteen sided and a wedding band. Top flat is engraved "1 W. Watson 0". Lock having chamfered plate, rebated pointed tail and serpentine cock is fitted with rounded pan, bridled roller frizzen and feather spring with bulbous finial. Stock of hard maple with good curl figure to grain extends to muzzle with brass cap and attaches to barrel with four brass side bolts through shaped and engraved silver escutcheons. Stock is decorated with chip carved areas around barrel tang. Incised mouldings around lock, sideplate, barrel channel and toeline. Incised relief carved areas of acanthus scroll are accent to checkering at grip and at rear of cheekpiece. A Jacob Kuntz rifle with similar features is known. Brass mounts include: brass patchbox shaped and engraved in the style of Jacob Kuntz. Silver inlays also mimic his style with acanthus leaf two piece sideplate, an eight pointed star within fancy oval on cheekpiece. Center of this device is set with a blue stone. Good quality square checkering is at the center of relief carving on left side and around grip. Patchbox cover release is in the form of a silver heart on 6" shaped return along toe. Hickory ramrod mounts through two faceted and beaded brass pipes and matching thimble which is integral with large hand guard at balance point. 

CONDITION: very fine as artificially aged. Barrel and lock are a relatively rough brown patina. Stock has a few marks in its original dark finish. Brass retains most of its original luster. Bore is bright and shiny. Rifle appears unfired however, there are some flint strikes on frizzen. (01-23926/MGM). 

ESTIMATE. $3,500-5,500.

Lot: 3537

START PRICE: $1,750.

Copy and Photography from Poulin here.

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