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Rock Island Auction: Engraved Martin Rizer Signed Flintlock American Long Rifle with Incised Carved Stock

Kentucky Flintlock Rifle Kentucky Flintlock Rifle

Auction Date: September 10, 2016

Price Realized: $5,750.

Estimated Price: $1,800 - $2,750

Engraved and Martin Rizer Signed Flintlock American Long Rifle with Incised Carved Stock

Manufacturer: Kentucky

Model: Flintlock

Type: Rifle

Gauge: 52

Barrel: 39 3/4 inch octagon

Finish: brown


Stock: walnut


Martin Rizer II was born prior to 1755 and was an active gunmaker in Wills Town and Cumberland, Maryland, and had apprentices from at least as early as 1799 and died in 1815. His exact involvement in the Revolutionary War is not clear other than that he fought for the cause, and one of his brothers was a captain. This rifle is signed "M Rizer" on the top of the barrel and is outfitted with a German silver blade front sight and a shallow notch rear sight. The lock has some light border engraving and is marked "T./Ketland/& Co." Thomas Ketland's company based in Birmingham, England, expanded into the export market in 1790 and died in 1816. The patch box, side plate, and toe plate have attractive engraving. The barrel is fastened to the stock by wedges, and the stock has carved line accents along the forend that terminate in scroll motifs above the ramrod entry pipe, additional scrolls at the wrist, and more elaborate scroll carving to the rear of the cheek piece.

Rating Definition:

Good as reconverted to flintlock configuration. The barrel has been shortened from the breech end during the reconversion to flintlock, and the lengthened stock has been refinished with a glossy varnish and has replacement wood at the lock, wrist, and left side rear of the forearm. There are some small dings and scratches throughout. The barrel and lock have a blend of artificial dark brown patina, light pitting, and various marks and scratches including vice marks on the barrel. The lock marking is faint but identifiable, and the flash pan has some applied blue. The lock and set triggers need some adjustments to run properly but are complete. The engraving and barrel markings are crisp.

Copy and photos from Rock Island Auction here.

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