Monday, January 10, 2022

Updated Open Top Bag by Jan Riser with Help from Doug Rogers


These tassels were created by Jan under the instructions of Doug Rogers.

All these tassels were made by Jan.

These 5 tassels were created by Doug Rogers.
They show the stages of creation.

After the strings of yarn are wrapped around your fingers it is tied off with 2 strand of yarn. DR

A tie off is made to form the ball at the top the yarn.
Then 4 strings of yarn that hold all the yarn together are twisted to form a single strand. 2 strands are twisted tightly then placed over the other 2 strands of yarn and the process is repeated. DR

Final tassel with the twisted yarn. DR

I wrapped the yarn around 4 fingers 20 times.  All yarn was cut before hand and I had an idea of how big I wanted my tassels to be. JR

While the yarn was still around my fingers it was tied off with 2 strands of yarn. JR

The yarn on the left has been tied off below the top then trimmed.
The yarn on the right is tied off below the top. It forms a natural ball.
The bottom of the tassel is them cut. JR

The tassel is then help up side down between the thumb and index finger and the ends are trimmed. There may be need of more additional trimming to get the bottom of the tassel even. 

I was not able to twist the yarn like Doug did so I platted mine. The yarn is then pulled through the bottom of the bag with a very large needle. JR

Thank you Doug Rogers for the yarn and instructions.

This is just to show the bag on a white background.
The tassels have been slightly aged since this photo was taken. Wetting the yarn helps control the frizziness of the yarn.

The copy that ends with DR indicates a tassel by Doug. JR at the end indicates a tassel by Jan.

Photography by Jan Riser.

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