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This fine contemporary rifle is an extremely executed copy of a fantastic Frederick Sell Kentucky. The rifled, two-staged barrel features a brass front blade sight and a notched and engraved rear sight. The left flat is stamped by barrel maker "W.M. LARGE" and the top flat has a brass inlaid plaque inscribed "R.W. KIRKBRIDE" followed by a silver inlaid circle inscribed "10", possibly indicating it was the 10th rifle that he made. The brass lockplate is in the style of Frederick Sell and is inscribed "RK" in the center. The brass furniture is all in the style of Frederick Sell and is engraved with designs used by Sell. The four-piece brass patchbox features seven piercing and is heavily engraved with designs and borders, and has a convex lid with the release located just above the lid against the buttplate, as Frederick Sell did. The buttplate tang is engraved with a shell design and also has a brass inlay on top of the comb, extending from the tang. The pierced floorplate is engraved with floral motifs around the screws and has two pierced rectangles. Sideplate is profusely engraved en suite. There are silver hearts inlaid on each side of the wrist, as well as engraved silver escutcheons on both sides of the forend around each barrel pin. There is a vacant silver oval wrist escutcheon as well as a silver inlaid oval, engraved with an eagle above the cheekpiece. There is brass pin decoration surrounding the finial of the barrel tang. The rifle also has a pierced and curled trigger. The highly figured full-length maple stock is of classic York County form and is profusely carved with relief designs imitating those found on the best Frederick Sells rifles. On the left side of the buttstock there are large sea scrolls, gadrooned panels, and flowers perfectly executed in the style of Frederick Sell. The petite forend has relief moldings between each of the barrel pins on both sides, and there are relief floral scrolls around the barrel tang and behind the ramrod entry ferrule. CONDITION: Very good, showing little use. Barrel retains most of its original brown finish, showing some thinning and some losses at muzzle. Brass lockplate and furniture retain a pleasing mustard patina and show some light marks from use. Lock sometimes does not hold on full cock, and may need slight adjustment, but mechanism is strong. Bore and rifling are excellent. Stock is very good, showing only a couple minor marks, including one minor area of raised wood around the barrel tang. A beautiful contemporary rifle, that truly captures the artwork found on Frederick Sell's rifles. DMG

Minimum Bid: $1,00.00
Estimate: $2,000. - $4,000.00

Copy and photography from Morphy Auction here.

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