Thursday, September 3, 2020

2020 CLA Live Auction: FLINTLOCK PISTOL by Dennis Kelley

In early America handguns were traditionally considered the weapon of choice for gentlemen, but pistols also saw wide use across the frontier. Whether used to settle duels of honor back east or as a weapon of last resort in a dangerous backcountry, one shot from a flintlock pistol could spell the difference between the here and the hereafter. 

            Bidders at this year’s CLF fundraising auction will have the perfect opportunity to own a fine flintlock pistol by gunmaker and artist Dennis Kelley. Kelley modestly states that this offering is “my interpretation of a ‘poor boy’ or what I would call a working man's pistol.” The pistol is built around a rifled .40 caliber Green Mountain Barrel, and is fitted with a “Becky’s Lock” formerly manufactured by Davis.

            This iron mounted handgun is stocked with an exceptional example of curly maple, and sports a rich amber patina. Artist Dennis Kelley has been creating blackpowder firearms for 45 years, and his vast experience at the workbench is on full display in the straightforward execution of this outstanding sidearm. 

For more information on the work of Dennis Kelley, contact the artist directly at:

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Copy by Joshua Shepherd
Photography by Gordon Barlow

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